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The Last Straw Journal: The Last Straw provides the most up-to-date information on straw-bale construction techniques, projects, research/testing/code issues, as well as a complete calendar of events and other information useful to those interested in straw-bale buildings. Typically running 36 pages, packed with photos, drawings and information, it is published quarterly in February, May, August and November, and is mailed First Class in the U.S. and First Class Air Mail to other destinations.
The subscription fees are as follows: - $28/year for addresses in the U.S. - $33/year for Canadian addresses (No personal checks please - money order or bank draft in US$ only. Thanks!) - $43/year for other non-U.S. addresses (international)
THE LAST STRAW - SUBSCRIPTION FORM ************************************************************************ [] Is this a RENEWAL of a subscription? Name__________________________________________________________________ Mailing Address__________________________________________________________ City __________________________________ State/Province _________________ Zip/Postal Code _______________________ Country ________________________ Phone# (___)____________ E-Mail (optional) _____________________________ Please indicate if you would like to start your subscription with the: [] CURRENT ISSUE (send immediately) or; [] NEXT ISSUE (send per above publishing schedule) Please make payment out in U.S. funds and payable to The Last Straw. Send in to The Last Straw, P.O. Box 42000, Tucson, AZ 85733-2000, USA. We will reply with a letter confirming your subscription. If you would like information on other straw-bale publications and resources available from our sister-organization, Out On Bale - By Mail, contact them directly at 1039 E. Linden St., Tucson, AZ 85719, USA; (520)624-1673.
The Last Straw - The Journal of Straw Bale Construction
P.O. Box 42000, Tucson, AZ 85733-2000, USA
(520) 882-3848 (email)
For more info, check out their web page by clicking HERE.

The Straw Bale House book is a very comprehensive reference resource, as is Build It With Bales - a more hands-on how-to type book. These are the best books to date on the subject. Both books are available from Out On Bale By Mail, 1037 E. Linden St., Tucson, AZ 85719 (520) 624-1673.

The Straw Bale House book is also available from the Development Center for Appropriate Technology (DCAT) as are the two documents: Straw Bale Construction and the Building Codes - a DCAT Working Paper, and the Annotated Prescriptive Code for Loadbearing and Non-Loadbearing Straw Bale Construction as Adopted by Pima County and the City of Tucson, Arizona. These are $15 postpaid (in the US) for both.

DCAT's mailing address is:

PO Box 41144
Tucson, AZ 85717

or contact:
David Eisenberg
Development Center for Appropriate Technology
(520) 624-6628

Building departments like hard facts. Here's one source from architect Ann Edminster that will impress them: Investigation of Environmental Impacts: Straw Bale Construction can be had for a $20 check to:

Ann V. Edminster
115 Angelita Avenue
Pacifica, CA 94044

There is a free Department of Energy publication called House of Straw about the Navajo straw bale and adobe prototype house built near Ganado, Arizona available from the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse (EREC), DOE's energy info clearinghouse. Send an e-mail request along with your snail mail address to:

If you are Candian and are looking for fire testing on strawbale structures, the results obtained from the NRC Small Scale Fire Test may be found in:
A Straw Bales/Mortar House Demonstration Project, page 10, Table II.
available from:
Canadian Housing Information Centre
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
700 Montreal Rd.
Ottawa Ontario
K1A 0P7
fax (613) 748-4069

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James Lux, January 13, 1997