The Strawbale Mailing List

People who would like to electronically keep up with happenings in the strawbale world can subscribe to a free mailing list: the STRAW BALE MAIL LIST.

TO SUBSCRIBE to the Straw Bale Mailing List, send the following e-mail message to:

In the first line of the body of the message write:

subscribe strawbale

Once subscribed, to post a message to the strawbale mailing list, address it to:

All messages posted to the list will be sent as e-mail to everyone subscribed to the list.

If you ever want to unsubscribe send the following message in e-mail form to:

unsubscribe strawbale

Please let any interested parties know about this mailing list.

Strawbale Mailing List Archives on the WWW

There is now a www address for the archive of all the letters written to the mailing list. It is a threaded hyperlinked page that has all the mailings from the begining of the list, and you'll find it at:

If you have any questions about the Strawbale Mailing List or the Strawbale Web page, contact:

Joe McCabe, P.E., Multimedia Manager Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST) e-mail address: www:

Wondering where to begin? You can't go wrong here. An html version of M.J. Epko's excellent Surfin' SB list of links is available with clickable live links through the MHA server HERE.

Design Guide for Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations from HUD, converted to HTML by John Cropper.

And speaking of HUD, you can access their extensive web site HERE.

The Joiner's Quarterly offers free events listing in their HERE to zip to the Strawbale E-Zine.

The US National Park Service maintains a web site that's full of references to identifying, restoring, recreating, and preserving old buildings made with ancient adobe, stucco, paint, wood, logs, etc. You can get thre by clicking HERE. Prices are very resonable for most publications.

Straw bale sources are not very well organized as of yet, so until SB'ers get their own network of reliable straw bale providers, perhaps this URL of Hay and Straw Dealers all over the US and Canada will be helpful. Some areas, like Washington state are not covered. There's a lot of emphasis on hay, but where there's hay - there's straw. Be aware that this most people on this list will know nothing about SB structures, so be sure to specify exactly the kind of bales you want if you're working with a neophyte structural straw bale provider.

If you're interested in the old idea of homesteading, you can join the Homestead Mailing List by sending a mail message to with the following two lines in it (and nothing else):

subscribe homestead

The Homestead Mailing List also has a web site you can get to by clickingHERE.

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James Lux, January 13, 1997